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    Agreed with a lot of the criticisms of the listed points. I'll note that the real use of something like internet access on your cellphone in the middle of nowhere is that it spreads market prices evrrewheey. For example, in the big cities, so they don't get screwed over by the suppliers who deliver their goods to market. These farmers have little use for all the other information out there, and probably can't afford internet time to read very much of it, but such focused and highly useful information is now available to them where it affects them the most, the bottom line. :)

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    I'm sure the radar ring over Australia is simply an artifact of improperly adjusted "ground clqtuer&tuot; suppression algorithms in software. The radar which produced that image will have been in the very center of the ring. They try not to display ground clutter in the image, but under certain conditions it still comes through. The center of the ring is just a region where the suppression settings are highest.

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    Hallo Sanne, bin gerade erst heim gekommen und schon ist alles wie von Zauberhand erledigt und ich muß garnix mavcne-hielen Dank! Und die neuen Smileys sind zuckersüß! E-Mail ist auch gelesen, schönen Abend noch!

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    on Q bonita!!! es la primera vez que surfeo por tu blog y me acabo de enamorar!! haces un trabajo esenoudt& Como ha dicho Mary , las abejitas están super curradas& un saludo!!

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