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    intéressant article et non moins intéressant article de JP mais je me garderai bien d’apporter mon grain de poivre, j’ai encore mes 27km de samedi dans les jambes. l’allure était probablement inadaptée mais j’étais tellement bien&curieux de voir les réponses que tu vas apporter à cette problématique

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    if I am using my friends old iPhone and I have AT&T also but he is also paying for my phone bill, how much will it cost for activation and unlimeted testing on the iPhone each month?

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    2:26 If you dont have fat in your diet, you wont be fat. This is? the kind of retarded myth that helps keep so many people overweight. Turns out, excess calories (from anything, not JUST fat) are turned into fat by the body. Ultimate derp for anyone who knows anything. Ridiculous lie from the host.

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    Question re: the 3rd "Anonymous's" post [I wish ppl would use a name]The comment was "it's certainly time to go back to YY and stop making covenants with idiots"OK, there's an old gentile in the room- so what is "YY"? I get the point, but still would like to know what YY stands for.thanks.

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    If its for sale many are not for sale. There are a few that are still private residences, and you might be able to purchase one if you have the cashReferences : .. Was this answer helpful?

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    I saw the lion king back in theaters. in its 4 younger kidz but i luv all the disney movies. lion king, loin king2, beauty n the beast, princess n the frog, sleeping beauty, ponyo, alladin, cinderella, snowhite and the seven dwarfs, tangled, and much much more!!! hurray 4 my inner 6 year old!!! !!!! i give them ALL a 5 STAR RAITING!!!!

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    Anonymous, I guess you are talking about my latest entry, “”. But that’s the Chechar of 1983 you are talking about, not the present one :) CheersP.S. OOps! I'm reposting for follow-up email

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    Ciao Licia^^in questo tuo post mi hai trorpastata direttamente lec!Se devo essere sincera a me i cimiteri non mi hanno mai messo angoscia,anzi mi attirano soprattutto se vecchi di secoli.Quelli pif9 vecchi con le lapidi ingiallite dal tempo,mi fanno entrare in unaltra epoca^^,perche8 sono molto diversi da quelli di oggi.Devo anche dire che il cimitero non e8 il mio posto preferito,ma non lo trovo cosec angoscianti^^

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    si posso grantirtelo a fine mese faccio la raccolta di tutti gli articoli del mesecome puoi vedere in alto a desrta cé GIUGNO é sono a disposizione o sul net o in formato pdfLuigi

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    *starts laughing* because I am not the only one who reacted to the case for early marriage. What early divorce? I suppose it IS better to get divorced by 24 then wait til your mid 40s when its harder to start over again. Jinkies you gotta love the conservatives. Although& I havent read the article yet lol.BUT! Aside from all that! Congrats on getting a subversive cartoon in that conservative mag *^_^* It might not have been one of your more controversial, but it will lead people to find your blog ;c)

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